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About Sailor of Main Street

Sailor (Can CH Sail On Silver Girl) was born on February 2, 2002 out of the Sophie × Davey litter.

Sailor reached Canadian Champion status on 17 July 2004 at the Golden Retriever Club of Toronto Specialty show.

Sailor has had one litter, and was spayed in March 2007.

Sailor moved to Brooklyn, NY to live with her sister, Frisket of Hicks Street in January 2007, and is cared for by Ed Costello and Lisa Kamm people@sailonsilvergirl.org.

Sailor is adorable, she will always seek out a hand which should be petting her and carefully place her head under such hand, indicating with various head shakes and nudges that the hand should be moving in a petting motion across her head.

Sailor over Frisket

Unlike her sister Frisket, Sailor "speaks" with a variety of snorts which we've learned to interpret over the past year.

Although it took a few months, Sailor is now quite the city girl, bopping around the streets of Brooklyn, hanging out under the Brooklyn Bridge, rapping along to the Beastie Boys. (Ok, she doesn't actually hang out under the Brooklyn Bridge).

Get on with it

Sailor has become quite the leisure traveller, vacationing in Philadelphia, PA, Amagansett, NY, Cambridge, MA, Washington, DC, and Miami, FL in her first year with her sister Frisket. She's done well, considering that she absolutely hates being in the car, and tends to crawl into a little den-space she has created behind the front passenger seat (Frisket sits up on the back seat watching out the window).

In July 2007 Sailor moved from Hicks Street (in Brooklyn Heights) to Main Street (in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn).

Follow Sailor on twitter: @CanCH_Sailor.